How to get PSN Codes Generator free

How to get PSN Codes Generator free

We just published a fresh tool, that will can build free codes for psn store. Using PSN codes you can easily load your online Wallet, and you can buy movies, songs or even Play Station Games. Once you load you Sony Entertainment Wallet, this can be used over all Sony content consuming platforms, like Smart TV or Play Station Console.

Instructions: The best way to get totally free codes for PSN store ?

Initially, you have to download and install our free psn store codes generator and produce your personal free psn codes.
Go to and log in into your current sony account. If you subscribed for an membership earlier on any other Sony website you can use you old account, if not you must register for a different account there. Once registration or authentication on Sony Entertainment Network platform on the middle right side of the page you will see redeem button, called “Redeem Prepaid Card”.
Gain access to Redeem page and enter the code you generated earlier, at step one. Just after sending your code you should be given this message: “Your prepaid card has been successfully redeemed and $100 has been added to your online Wallet“.

At this step, you are all set. Your account is filled up with $100 and you should check on your account page. where we redeemed a $100 psn code into one of our test accounts. You can redeem infinite codes for your personal account.

Suggestions: Keep in mind that not all generated codes will work, but in the future we will try to enhance this program in order to build as several as possible valid Prepaid Cards codes. At this moment the success rate is about 80%. This means that if you generate 10 codes, it is possible that only 8 of these will work. This implies about $800 dollar in your online wallet.

Suggestions: We do not suggest you to use more that one prepaid card a week, as there is a risk of being observed and you can get prohibited.

How our free PSN Codes Generator Looks Like

Play Station Network Points Generator

Our Play Station Network Points Generator
The interface of our generator is quite simple as we worked had to improve it’s core functions like codes generation algorithm.

Are you wondering how it works ?

Well, we collected thousands of Sony redeemed codes and based on their letters and numbers frequency we were able to design a pattern. Based on this pattern we generate new codes and there is a change of 60% of them to be valid. As we get more codes we will go closer to Sony algorithm for generating Prepaid Cards and our success rate will be improved considerably.
After pressing download button you will be asked to complete a quick survey and after completion you download will start in seconds. We used to share our tools without locking but now we use surveys as a security measure. It is up to you to proceed. In most cases, a survery takes less than 2 minutes. Enjoy !